Continuous Mixers

Readco Continuous Mixers

Kurimoto Continuous Mixers

Readco Kurimoto Continuous Mixers

Kurimoto Continuous Mixing

Readco Continuous Mixing

Readco Kurimoto Continuous Mixing

Dry Powder Blenders

Readco Dry Powder Blenders

Kurimoto Dry Powder Blenders

Readco Kurimoto Dry Powder Blenders

Readco Dry Powder Blending

Kurimoto Dry Powder Blending

Readco Kurimoto Dry Powder Blending

Continuous Reactor

Readco Continuous Reactor

Kurimoto Continuous Reactor

Readco Kurimoto Continuous Reactor

Kurimoto Continuous Reactors

Readco Continuous Reactors

Readco Kurimoto Continuous Reactors

READCO KURIMOTO, LLC. is a world class producer of continuous mixers and powder blenders.

Readco Kurimoto, LLC supplies Continuous Mixers to the Food, Chemical, Plastics, and Pharmaceutical industries for the continuous production of products.

NEW! Readco now offers the RK1 lab size model of the Continuous Processor for Laboratory and research work.

Readco also manufactures Dry Powder Blending equipment used in the Cosmetic, Pigment, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959


Welcome to Readco Kurimoto, LLC. For over 100 years we have been at the forefront of industrial mixing technology. [Company History]

Readco Kurimoto, LLC supplies Continuous Mixers to the Food, Chemical, Plastics, and Pharmaceutical industries for the continuous production of products.

Readco also manufactures Dry Powder Blending equipment used in the Cosmetic, Pigment, Food, and Pharmaceutical Industries.

We invite you to tour our site and learn more about the advantages of Continuous Mixing.


Inventory: Readco Kurimoto LLC, will be conducting an annual inventory audit 10/23/14. Many normal business operations will temporarily be suspended at this time. We appreciate your patience during this process.

Rockwell Automation Fair: Readco Kurimoto, LLC is happy to announce that we will be joining Melfi Technologies at the 2014 Rockwell Automation Fair (click for details) for the process controls industry. Industry experts will gather to discuss their perspectives on industry trends and issues. November 19-20 2014 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA (click for map). In conjunction with Melfi Technologies, Readco will be exhibiting the Continuous Processor. The Continuous Processor is used for the continuous mixing of confectionary, chemical, industrial, and pharmaceutical products. Come visit us in Stand 821 (click for floor plan).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What about down time for clean up? It takes us one 8 hour shift to clean our batch mixer.

A: With the clean wiping and cleaning design of the mixer elements, simply by turning off all the feeders and pumps and allowing the mixer to run for a minute or two it will be 95% clean on its own. Then you can purge the remaining material.

Q: You talk about batch-to-batch variations. How can your equipment eliminate this problem?

A: By very carefully controlling the feeders, pumps, mixer, etc you virtually set the standard of accuracy that will be controlled every minute of every hour of every day.

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New Product Line: SC Processor

A machine designed to continuously process a wide range of materials by significantly reducing the moisture content of the material and transforming it into a dry powder or high viscosity slurry.

sc processor

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When dealing with a concept change such as changing from batch to continuous, you can set up a complete demonstration of the process at Readco's state of the art test facility. You will be totally surprised with the wide range of ancillary equipment within this laboratory, and the capability of closely duplicating the proposed process. You can trust your specific application to Readco's technical application knowledge and equipment.

Jim Welker
Process Application Engineer
Partners for Progress

We rely on the Readco mixer to homogenize our difficult to homogenize metal and ceramic powders with polymers for powder injection molding. The Readco mixer provides a high shear rate and extremely fast processing time which are ideal for our development systems. The mixer is very reliable, easy to clean, and has produced many development products that subsequently went into high volume manufacturing.

Don Heaney Ph.D
Powdered Metals Engineer

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