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Employee Spotlight - David Sieglitz

For this month’s Readco Kurimoto, LLC employee spotlight, David Sieglitz is being recognized. David has been with team Readco since 2006 and will begin his eleventh year with Readco this June! David has been President at Readco since 2011. Before becoming President, David managed Readco’s engineering department. As President of Readco, David is responsible for the company’s leadership, direction and overall performance. When asked what the favorite part of his job was, David stated that “I always enjoy meeting with potential and current customers as well as our Sales Reps in our lab.” David enjoys proving to highly doubtful perspective customers that our machines can process their material continuously within minutes what normally takes hours with a common batch process. “When we are successful, not only do we have a new Readco Champion, their excitement is contagious and the groups immediately starts to think of all the other possibilities there are using our machines.” When asked about a favorite application, David could not limit it to just one. “I really enjoy learning new things and each day I strive to learn something new. There have been so many new and exciting applications that we have worked with - many of them I never even realized existed before learning about them from our customer.” In regard to his most memorable day at Readco, David offered two: In December of 2010, he was in his office in engineering and was told to meet the retiring company President, and Chairman in the conference room. His first thought was “am I going to be fired?” You could imagine his surprise when he was offered the position of President. Another memorable day was when Readco ran the factory acceptance test (FAT) for a radioactive waste remediation project. This was a monumental feat and the company was uncertain we could be successful. We ran two 10” CPs individually over the period of 2 days. Each machine was continuously fed 9,600 lbs./hr. of dry materials and 7,560 lbs./hr. of liquid or a total of 17,160 lbs./hr. of material! What made this impressive was how well everyone worked together to first assemble a structure to support the entire process, then continually refill the hoppers and totes using all of the labor in our shop and lab as well additional help from engineering and sales. Nearly a thousand 5 gallon buckets were needed to continuously fill a 2,777 gallon cask twice in order to perform the test. Upon completion of the test, everyone was exhausted, dusty, and celebrating their success as a team! David enjoys practicing yoga with his daughter as well as hiking, biking, fishing and camping with my wife and two beagles. He also enjoys writing music, singing and playing guitar with his band. David also notes that although he works in York, he does not ride a Harley; instead he rides a Yamaha V Star 1300. When asked if there was anything else he would like to add; David stated that what he enjoys most about working for Readco Kurimoto is the people and the machines. “I work with some of the most talented and dedicated people that I have ever had the pleasure to do so in my life. They are passionate about what they do and put their hearts into their jobs and it really shows.” David is also proud of Readco’s machines and the fact that he personally designed and engineered several of them during his first few years with the company. David went on to say that “knowing that these machines will continue to make superior products for decades to come is important to me. In the last five years, our engineering department has made even more advancements and continues to increase our technology while building on our solid history. This is something that is truly important to each of us in every department of Readco Kurimoto.”

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Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959

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