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Readco Rep Spotlight - BECO

For our inaugural Rep spotlight, Readco Kurimoto, LLC. would like to introduce Blakeslee Equipment Co! Blakeslee Equipment Company is a process capital equipment representation group serving the Mid West chemical, food, pharmaceutical, steel and utility industries. In addition to representing Readco’s Process mixer lines, Blakeslee also serves principals of Water Treatment and Filtration Equipment as well as Thermal Process Equipment. Having been in business since 1958, Blakeslee has over 75 years of industry experience.

Blakeslee Equipment is staffed by President Mark Blakeslee as well as Ken Bowmer, Mitch Minadeo and Peggy Liegl. Blakeslee Equipment represents Readco in several counties in northern Ohio. One of the reasons Blakeslee chose to represent Readco Kurimoto, LLC., was that the unique niche of Readco’s Continuous Processors allowed their firm the advantage of being able to offer their clients an alternative process to batch mixing. In regard to ‘most memorable moment’ with Readco, Vice-President Mitch Minadeo laughed about the “entertaining conversations” with now retired Readco salesmen Irv Snyder. Mitch went on to say that Blakeslee always enjoy Lab Tests at Readco, due to the professionalism and hospitality of everyone involved in the customer experience. They should know, they’ve done 8 lab tests with us just in the last 2 years!

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Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959

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