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Readco Rep Spotlight - Set Point Solutions

For the second edition of the Readco Rep spotlight, Readco Kurimoto, LLC. would like to introduce SetPoint Solutions, Inc.! Incorporated in the fall of 2006 by owners Jim and Debbie Bell, SetPoint Solutions, Inc. is the result of a combined lifetime of experience in the dry bulk material processing industry.

Debbie Bell brings 22 years of dry material handling experience covering everything from sales, spare parts, engineering, planning, and cost accounting as well as directly assisting top-end management teams. Debbie was not only successful in developing sales for North American customers, but also enjoyed providing equipment solutions to the South American market as well. Jim’s time in the factory includes such positions as Regional Sales Manager, Vice President of Sales, and Manufacturers’ Representative. After 29 years of working for both factory and independent sales representative agencies, Jim and Debbie felt it was time to take all that experience into the field. Combined, Jim and Debbie’s experience represents more than 50 years in the dry bulk solids material handling industry!  

SetPoint Solutions, Inc. has been serving customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and eastern Tennessee for the past 10 years and are excited to provide material handling solutions to existing and future customers. SetPoint is also proud to be partners with many major manufacturing companies in the dry bulk solids industry. Their business partners have years of experience with materials from ascorbic acid to zinc and processes from API manufacturing to wastewater treatment. The companies they represent provide equipment for Loss-in-Weight/Volumetric feeding; pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical conveying; fine milling, course-size reduction, and air classification milling; batch or continuous mixing; high shear tumble blending, tumble blending, extrusion; sifting, dust control; bulk bag handling and silo flow aids. Additional services include recipe formulations, turn-key systems, and High OEL containment material processing and storage capabilities.

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Readco Kurimoto, LLC – Address: 460 Grim Lane, York, PA 17406 – Phone: 1-800-395-4959

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